Dataminers Claim Counter Strike Mobile Might Be Happening

Counter Strike Source 2 has recently surprised us with its announcement and beta release. Despite this, dataminers do not rest and continue to search for new information. Check out what they have discovered.

Cs mobile
Would you guys download Counter Strike to your phone? | © Valve

For a few days now, at least part of the community of the iconic FPS can enjoy a revamped version of Counter Strike with the Source 2 engine.

Although we are still amazed that the rumors and leaks of our dataminers have been confirmed, they still surprised us with another unexpected news.

Counter Strike Mobile Might Be Coming

We are talking about the possibility of Valve's online shooter coming to mobile systems. This was suggested on Twitter by a user with the nickname @Aquaismissing, whose credibility you probably already know about from previous articles about CS 2. He discovered that Source 2 supports Android and iOS systems.

In addition, there are words such as "mobile" in the code, which may further support his theory.

News on the topic was commented on by @GabeFollower, who is well known to us and familiar with Valve. In his tweet, he stated that there is a lot of truth in the rumors, but that this does not actually necessarily mean the arrival of CS2 on mobile platforms.

According to him, the elements in the code that are the basis of this information may only be leftovers from other games. This code really exists in Dota Underlords and Artifact, games that were actually developed for mobile systems.

In this situation, as it was similarly with Counter Strike 2, Valve's silence does not help us. In turn, it is worth noting that games like PUBG, Call of Duty and Fortnite have done very well in the mobile market, so we should not completely rule out such a scenario.

Nevertheless, we are left only to speculate on this possibility and count on the reliability of our dataminers.

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