Best Roguelike Game Ever Gets New Content

The game came out four-years ago in 2018, but it's not dead yet with new content being added in a newly published Roadmap!

Dead Cells header
More content heading our way! | © Motion Games

While some might have thought that there was nothing new being added to Dead Cells, but don't worry there are more dungeons to race through with much more content coming out in the coming months. So, if you're a fan of rogue-like games, then you've probably already got Dead Cells and now you can breathe easy knowing more content is on its way.

The developer of Dead Cells recently released a roadmap on Steam in which they outlined what they've got planned for their beloved game... and there are some pretty cool announcements they had ready for fans, so let's quickly jump into the details!

Dead Cells Roadmap Reveals New Roadmap for 2022

Boss Rush Mode To Be Added in Fall 2022

One of the biggest announcements in the Dead Cells Roadmap is the inclusion of a Boss Rush mode. You want to test your strength by going up against the hardest bosses, one after another? Well, once the leaves turn red and the wind gets a bit cooler you can hole yourself up with a cup of hot chocolate and challenge various Dead Cell bosses in the Boss Rush mode.

The developers have also explained that there will be different 'modes' in the Boss Rush experience which will let you challenge them in multiple ways, so the game doesn't feel stagnant. Whether they'll be adding a scoreboard for some friendly competition hasn't been revealed yet, but the developers are toying with the idea of adding it.

2D Runner Games aren't your thing? Then this might be more up your alley:

Panchanku Update in Summer 2022

Before the Boss Rush mode though you'll also be able to get a whole new outfit in the Summer of 2022. This is going to be a smaller update than the one for Fall though with game and item balance being the main focus as well as the new cosmetic.

More Updates Coming in 2023

While the developers haven't teased much more, but we know that in the Winter of 2022 we will be getting a surprise – maybe a Christmas surprise? – and more content will be coming to the game in 2023 as well according to the posted Roadmap. So, don't worry the last DLC 'The Queen and the Sea' was not the end of new content in Dead Cells.

What Are the Exact Release Dates for the New Dead Cells Content?

Thus far Motion Twin have only given estimated dates, but they seem pretty confident that they will be keeping the schedule of the proposed Roadmap for their game, so make sure to check every 3-months or so for the new content. We're especially excited for the mystery surprise in Winter!