Dead Space Remake PC System Requirements Revealed

The Dead Space remake PC requirements have been revealed. Can you breeze through the demands, or are the requirements something to be afraid of? We'll show you here.

Dead Space Remake Release Date Leaked
Dead Space Remake: The PC system requirements revealed. | © EA

The much-anticipated Dead Space remake comes out on January 27 and we're super hyped for it. If you're like me and you have pre-ordered Dead Space for PC, you'll need to see if your machine can handle it. Thankfully, EA has revealed the system requirements, which we got right here for you.

Dead Space Remake: PC System Requirements – Minimum & Recommended Specs

Dead Space is a new AAA game, so obviously it will demand something from you and your PC. But let me reassure you a little bit: the required specs are actually not too bad! Everyone who upgraded their PC in the last five years should be absolutely fine with the requirements.

Dead Space is one of many amazing games we're excited for in 2023:

Here are the PC system requirements for the Dead Space remake:

CategoryMinimum PC SpecsRecommended PC Specs


Window 10 64-bit+Window 10 64-bit+
CPURyzen 5 2600x, Core i5 8600Ryzen 5 5600X, Core i5 11600K
Video CardAMD RX 5700, GTX 1070Radeon RX 6700 XT, Geforce RTX 2070
Memory16GB16 GB
HDD/SSD space50GB SATA SSD50GB SSD PCIe compatible

As you can see, nothing too bad for a brand-new AAA game on PC. The game looks really great and we hope the version is optimized. We had too many botched ports with ridiculous specs and bad performance recently, so I hope Dead Space can be better in that department.

If your PC can handle the game and you haven't pre-ordered it yet, you can do so here. Have fun on the 27th when it's time to return to the Ishimura.

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