Diablo 4: Forget The Cows – Follow The Rats!

In Diablo IV, legendaries are hard to find. But a Reddit user claims that there is a very simple way to gather legendary loot.

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The players in Diablo IV are always on the search for secrets (like the legendary cow-level) and, of course, loot. According to one player on Reddit, there is a secret way to get the best loo. Zerger45 claims you just have to follow the rats. This sounds like an incredible discovery (if true)!

Diablo IV: Follow The Rats!

For most of the players in Diablo IV, the hunt for better gear and legendary loot is a huge point of the game. Since the release, nearly a month ago in June 2023, players have been deep diving into the darkest dungeons to find the rarest and most valuable items. Now rumors are spreading that suggest it's actually far easier getting Legendaries, if you don't follow the path in each dungeon but instead the rats.

According to zerger45, it is believed that these little rodents possess an uncanny ability to guide players through dungeons, deftly pausing at strategic points where enemies lurk. The claim suggests that these enemies drop the most coveted loot imaginable. However, as zerger45 acknowledges, such a claim may appear utterly crazy, and regrettably, no concrete evidence is provided to substantiate this theory. But the chance of this being true has sparked curiosity.

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But here's the interesting part: some other Reddit users chimed in and, while they didn't exactly provide solid proof for the theory, they swear that it actually worked for them! The evidence may be a bit elusive, but more and more adventurers are coming forward with their own experiences, adding fuel to zerger45's intriguing theory. One of them even claims to have used this method to find the Ring of Mendeln, a legendary item for the Necromancer.

I followed the rats
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The community is hyped, and some are even talking about a secret rat-level instead of the (in)famous cow-level from previous Diablo games. Considering the sheer existence of the cow-levels in Diablo II and Diablo III (okay, here it was not a cow-level) makes it believable that blizzard would implement such a trick to gather better loot, don't you think?

So, if you're feeling adventurous and want to put this wild theory to the test, stay alert! You wouldn't want to overlook those tiny critters that might just, and I mean, might just, guide you towards some seriously valuable and rare loot. It's like embarking on a treasure hunt, where these little creatures (maybe) hold the key to untold riches!

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