Diablo 4 Full Map Revealed & It's Massive

The Diablo 4 beta has come to an end and looking at the map in the game it goes to show just how big the world we can explore will truly be.

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Diablo 4: This map is huge! | © Blizzard

Diablo 4 is going to be huge. Not only because it's an insanely popular franchise from Blizzard Entertainment, but also because of the sheer magnitude and size of the world itself.

Players won't be getting bored anytime soon once the game is finally launched in June 2023, especially with how big the size of the map is going to be. There will be stuff to explore and do for hours on end.

Diablo 4: Full Map Revealed

The full map of Diablo 4 has been revealed online by Windows Central. The map highlights the region players were able to explore and play throughout the two weekends of Beta testing. Now compare the region everyone tested to the actual size of the map and you will see just how much is still missing.

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In the beta, players were able to explore dungeons and even look through the snowy forests and ice caverns, but the world of Diablo 4 will have a lot more to offer players once the game actually goes live.

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The explored region from the beta is actually considered the smallest of all the regions in the game, so it's exciting to see where else players will be able to go and how many hours of playtime they can clock in this insane world.

Looking at the map from JezCorden on Twitter, we can make out a few areas that have been revealed already throughout the years of development.

The Dry Steppes and the Kehjistan Empire can be found in the west, while Scosglen, a region introduced to fans during the 2019 Blizzcon demo, is in the north. Finally, we can also spot the swampy jungles of Hawezar in the south-east just under Fracture Peaks, which is where the beta took place.

This map of Diablo 4 is only a small fraction of the entire world though, which could make way for future expansions and even more content.

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