Diablo 4 Player Solos Hardest World Boss

At least two players managed to solo kill Ashava, a world boss in the Diablo 4 beta that is meant to be fought in a group of up to 12 people.

Diablo 4 World Boss Ashava
Ashava is the hardest boss in Diablo 4. No problem for some players. | © Activision Blizzard

The second beta weekend of Diablo 4 just closed and I am pretty hyped for the full release. Most players had a really good time and the feedback is mostly positive so far.

Obviously, there are complaints about the horrendous queues and disconnects, but this is to be expected for a Diablo beta weekend and will also be an issue at launch. Every Diablo, actually every Blizzard game, has enormous queues and some disconnects at launch because the servers are just overloaded.

One new feature many players liked was the world boss Ashava. At certain times, the huge world boss will spawn in the shared world and provide a nice challenge for bigger groups of players. However, some players didn't want to beat him in a group and decided to solo Ashava instead.

Diablo 4 World Boss Ashava Gets Soloed

Ashava is huge and deals a ton of damage. That boss is not meant to be killed by a single player. Blizzard introduced world bosses as a shared world activity, so players can join a big fight together.

However, at least two players already managed to kill that boss on their own. Streamer Wudijo even killed Ashava twice with his ranged Rogue build.

He already had full legendary gear with a nice crossbow, dealing up to 457 damage per second and paired it with the abilities Heartseeker, Rapid Fire, Shadow and Poison Imbuement, Dash and Dark Shroud.

With this build he has a good critical hit chance, deals damage over time and has some good escape skills.

Player Vidjereii managed to destroy Ashava even faster with his melee Rogue build. He beat the world boss in less than three minutes, which is just crazy:

He also relies on full legendary gear that has already been upgraded as far as possible. His abilities are Blade Shift, Twisting Blades, Dash, Concealment, Shadow Imbuement and Shadow Clone.

Diablo 4 Ashava 1
Some players actually beat Ashava solo... | © Blizzard

I already told you guys in my Rogue guide that the Rogue is obviously the best class in Diablo 4 and these two guys just proved that I was right. If you are looking for a class that can absolutely demolish bosses and harder single targets, the Rogue is the best character in Diablo 4.

Here is a short explanation of all Diablo 4 classes:

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