Diablo 4 High Resolution Assets - Should You Download This Pack?

Here's a quick guide for all of you currently preloading Diablo 4. There is an option that's automatically checked called "High Resolution Assets". You can find an explanation below on whether these are worth downloading for you.

Diablo 4 High Resolution Assets 1440 p H
It looks beautiful normally, but should you download the Diablo 4 High Resolution Assets pack to make it even nicer? | © Activision Blizzard

Diablo 4 is probably the best Diablo game ever made (we gave it a 26/10 in our review). But if you've found yourself in this article then you probably don't need to be persuaded. In fact, we're guessing that you're pre-downloading Diablo 4 this very moment.

Now, when you do go to pre-download Diablo 4 on PC, you will get presented with the option to also download the optional texture pack: High Resolution Assets. But should you?

Is The High Resolution Assets Pack Worth It?

Unlike what certain Redditors are claiming, the high resolution asset pack will improve the resolution of Diablo 4 no matter what kind of setup you have. It is indeed predominantly meant for those with a 4k setup, but it will also improve resolution for those who are not playing the game on a 4k monitor.

We just wanted to get that out there for anyone who is on the fence about downloading the High Resolution Assets pack. Of course, if you are short on storage space then you don't need to bother (the base game looks pretty great by itself).

We hope you found that helpful, and if you're looking for more beginner guides, check out our builds for the best classes in Diablo 4:

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