Diablo 4 Traveler’s Prayer Guide | How To Give Thanks At The Shrine

The “Traveler’s Prayer” side quest in Diablo 4 asks you to “give thanks” at a shrine, stumping many players. Here’s how to do it.

Diablo IV Shrine Thanks
Diablo 4 Travelers Prayer guide: See here how to give thanks at the shrine. | © Blizzard

While most activities and side quests in Diablo 4 involve the classic hacking and slaying, Blizzard came up with some neat new types of interaction for the newest game in their legendary series.

This might stump players though, who aren’t used to doing much more than clicking on enemies and seeing them explode. One tricky side quest is the one called Traveler’s Prayer, which asks players to “give thanks at a shrine”.


How To Give Thanks At The Shrine In Diablo 4 | Traveler's Prayer Side Quest

The solution is pretty simple though. After you pick up the quest in Yelesna, go to the marker on your map, which is just north of the town. Here you will find the shrine.

Diablo IV Travelers Prayer Map
Here's where you will find the shrine. | © Blizzard

Now, to give thanks, you literally just have to execute the “Thanks” emote. Open the emote wheel by pressing up on the D-Pad (controller) or E (keyboard) and do the emote. Doing this will complete the Traveler’s Prayer side quest and reveal a chest, which often has some nice loot. If you’re only getting trash out of it, salvage the gear at the nearest town.