Disappointment: FFXIV Fans Have A Long Wait Before Next Expansion

It's already been more than a year since Endwalker's release and there's no news on a new version of FFXIV. From the looks of it, fans will have to wait for quite a while before a new expansion will arrive.

Ffxiv endwalker
We will have to wait a while longer for FFXIV's new expansion | © Square Enix

Over a year ago, we Final Fantasy XIV fans got the latest expansion for the game, Endwalker. It was truly a game changer with an emotional soundtrack and the end of a fantastic story arc that started in the original 1.0 version. Many of us are still recovering, and yet, all eyes are looking at Square Enix for the start of a new tale in the MMO.

Sadly, a financial report of the company now revealed that FFXIV won't get a new expansion this year. This will break the tradition of a new expansion releasing every two years ever since Realm Reborn came out in 2013.

No Expansion Despite Of 10-Year Anniversary

It's mind-blowing to think about it, but ten years ago a Realm Reborn released as the completely rebuilt FFXIV experience. Truly, the relaunch changed everything and became the foundation of the relationship the developers and players now share

No wonder then that this year we will get two huge Fanfests, where we can talk with YoshiP and the team behind the game and celebrate as a community. Of course, it's also a stage for the new expansions. They have always been revealed at the events. The closer a Fanfest is to the release of a new version the more information we get on it.

However, we can surmise from the Square Enix report that no new expansion is coming this year. Players shouldn't be that surprised, though. After all we just got the 6.3 patch and will get two more major patches before the release of the game. They are planned for summer and fall respectively.

If you look at the last expansion you can see a sizable gap between the release of Endwalker and the previous patch. 5.5 was released in April and even the last story patch 5.55 arrived in June. After that, fans had to wait until November for new content.

With that in mind it makes sense that, due to such a lengthy patch cycle, we're going to have to wait until 2024 for the new expansion. But don't worry. It's almost guaranteed we will hear about it either at the end of July from Las Vegas Fanfest or in October from the London Fanfest.

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