Disney Domination Images Leaked: The Next Smash Bros Killer?

A leaker has shared images of what they claim is the unreleased Smash-like game from Disney. It will apparently be called "Disney Domination". We are waiting for official sources to respond, but the images are interesting either way.

Disney Smash Bros Killer
Disney Domination would have a fantastic roster of character's to draw from. | © Disney / Nintendo

Remember when Warner Bros tried to make a "Smash Killer" called MultiVersus? Well, that didn't work. MultiVersus was recently shut down for a year because the playerbase dropped by 99%. So what can Disney do that Warner Bros couldn't? Because clearly knocking Nintendo off the top spot is nearly impossible.

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We Have Smash Bros At Home: Disney Domination

A supposed leaker recently shared a series of images on Reddit, claiming that the pictures came from an unreleased Smash-like game called Disney Domination. They also added that the game had been in development since May 2018, and would feature "55 characters and 60 stages at launch".

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, why not take a look:

Disney Domination 2024 Leak

The images are impressive and they do somewhat reflect what the leaker said about the game from a visual perspective:

The game will look, next gen and the art style will look like something out of Unreal Engine 5 unlike the typical cartoony look we're used to seeing with platform fighters. The game is supposed to be edgy as well.

As we said up top, we don't know of any other sources that corroborate this claim, and Disney has not made an official statement on the matter yet. It could all be nothing, but it really wouldn't be that crazy if Disney were planning something like this.

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