RIP MultiVersus: 99% Player Drop-Off Since Launch

Multiversus was so hype at first, but since it's release it just hasn't been able to sustain the insane hype it first made. But to see it fall this far...

Multiversus trailer roster release date
Sad to see Multiversus fall this far... | © Player First Games

Multiversus had a dream start when it first launched in Fall 2022. A multiude of players flocked to the fun platform fighter, suiting up as Bugs Bunny or Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, but it seems that the player base has dwindled down to almost nothing.

Looking at the player stats it has us wondering whether we should get the tomb stone for Multiversus ready, because this game looks pretty dead, just going by daily player numbers.

Multiversus Has Died: Player Base Drops by 99%

Looking at the Steam chart for Multiversus can be described by one word: depressing. The game had an all-time high of 153,044 players during the release, but that number has since gone down drastically.

Looking at SteamCharts in January 2023, we get a whole new picture of Multiversus. Fewer than 1,000 daily players are recorded, and that number even dropped down to 230 active players at some point.

What could have led to this decline? Players did state that the battle pass is too much of a grind, while also having a lot of prime content hidden behind pay walls has angered players and made them feel like the game wasn't worth playing over-and-over.

There has also been a lack of new playable characters, making the game feel stale for some players, which could have been another reason why the game is on such a steep downward spiral. Guess all we can say at this point is RIP Multiversus... it's been fun, but I guess I'll go back to playing Smash Bros.

Guess we won't be getting these characters, eh?

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