Gizmo Confirmed As New Character in MultiVersus

Gizmo joins MultiVersus! Here's everything we can expect ahead of the release of the iconic character from Gremlins.

Multi Versus Gizmo
MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: He's finally here! Check out everything we know so far about Gizmo.. | © WB Games

We got another new character in MultiVersus. It wasn't any of the previously promised additions for MultiVersus season 1 though. We haven't heard anything about Black Adam yet and nobody knows what's taking so long with Rick. We did however think that we would be getting Stripe from Gremlins, the evil little furball from the iconic movie. Developer Player First Games and publisher WB Games pulled the rug out of under us though, with the announcement that it won't be Stripe, but rather his cute opponent Gizmo who is coming to the game next.

It has been officially confirmed, that these two are separate characters and Gizmo is the first one to join the MultiVersus roster. In this article, we will summarize what to expect from Gizmo in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Gizmo Guide: Overview

Gizmo has launched as part of Patch 1.2, just as Morty did for MultiVersus update 1.1. We don't know what Gizmo will play like yet, as he hasn't been released for long enough, so we obviously couldn't play him ourselves. Duh! But we did get a few details before release, regarding his class and abilities. Gizmo will be a Support, and will feature the following attacks:

  • Hunter's Bow: Charge and aim an arrow that applies Ignite if fully charged
  • Gizmo-A-Go-Go: Leap and Attach to the back of allies
  • Song of the Mogwai: Sing and spawn musical note projectiles and damage nearby enemies

It looks like Gizmo will mainly be a ranged character, thanks to his projectile heavy attacks featuring a bow and musical notes. The ability to attach to allies promises interesting ability moves and combos. A short video seems to show off the "Song of the Mogwai" ability. Watch Gizmo shred on the battlefield:

MultiVersus has also uploaded a longer video showing off Gizmo's abilities. While he is definitely a ranged character, he definitely looks pretty agile and varied in his attacks. That's mostly due to the moves featuring a car (which looks hilarious) and an umbrella, that seem to give him a lot of strong melee abilities as well.

We can't wait to try out this little weirdo and as soon as we do, we will update and expand our guide to include all of his moves, the best combos, general tips and the best perks for him. If you want to see which characters could come to MultiVersus down the line, check out our video here: