Project L: How Riot's Tag-Team Fighting Game Will Work

Riot just revealed another trailer for their fighting game Project L. Let's take a look at how the tag-team fighting game will work.

Project L is the upcoming tag-team fighting game from League of Legends developer Riot Games, and we just got some exciting news. Riot released a new trailer for Project L, showcasing and explaining the gameplay basics and tag-team mechanics. Let's have a look at how the Project L combat system will work.

If you don't know anything about Project L, check out this article:

Project L: Combat System Explained

In the new Project L trailer, game director Shaun 'Unconkable' Rivera explained some of the game's combat mechanics. One key element in developing Project L is to create a game that is fun for novice players, but also has a high skill ceiling for more experienced fighting game fans.

So let's check out the trailer and see if they succeeded:

Movement in Project L

In Project L champions can just walk, run, dash, chain-dash, jump, long-jump and super-jump. But that's not enough, many champions also have their own unique mobility options. So there are plenty of cool moves to add into your combos and make sure you always have the upper hand.

Tag-Team Assist-Based Fighting System

Project L is a tag-team fighting game, meaning you won't fight 1v1, but 2v2. Every champion is supported by another champion, and this allows for some pretty cool combat mechanics. So let's check them out:

Assist Actions

The most basic action with your teammate is an assist action. Each champion can perform two assist actions from off-screen. Basically, you just tap a button and the assist champion will come in and punch your opponent in the face. But you can also hold down the button, which will get you a charged assist, that seems to be a bit stronger and can push your opponent to the ground.

Handshake Tag

The Handshake Tag is used to swap between your two champions as long as they are both on screen. It also allows for some pretty sweet combos when combined with the aforementioned assist actions.

Dynamic Save

Dynamic Save is the Project L's combo breaker. Every player will have their Dynamic save available from the start of the match that can be used to save your main champion. So basically you call upon your assist champion when stuck in a combo and if successful it will break you free. However, you need to time it correctly, because the Dynamic save can be countered.

This is all the devs told us in the latest trailer for Project L. Are you hyped for the League of Legends fighting game? Sadly, we don't have an exact release date yet, but the updates from Riot are promising and we expect a release in late 2023.

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