The Name of Project L Has Potentially Been Leaked

Riot has recently trademarked some interesting things and one of those trademarks is rumored to be the name of the upcoming fighting game – Project L. So, has Riot leaked their own name?

Project L
Is this really the name? | © Riot Games

Project L is the upcoming fighting game that Riot is working on. The game was announced all the way back in 2019, but since then we've only gotten small breadcrumbs of information regarding this fighting game. Now, one Redditor thinks they've found the name of the upcoming game.

A few things have come up, but there are multiple theories regarding the name of Project L and what it could be. Let's go over all of the puzzle pieces and try to make sense of the potential name of Project L.

Has Riot Accidentally Revealed the Name of Project L?

Redditor LongJonSiIver has done some investigating and thinks they've found the name of Project L to be 'Rift Rumble'. Cute name, but to be honest, would this name really fit with the gritty fighting game style we've seen for Project L?

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'Rift Rumble' Trademarks

How have they come to the conclusion that this could be the name though? Well according to their research Riot has recently filed for multiple trademarks under trademark class 41 which refers to "Entertainment Services; Entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting live computer and video game competitions and tournaments".

Each of these recently acquired trademarks also include the words 'Rift Rumble' and clothing branding, as well as telecommunication trademarks were also filed. But, does this mean Project L is Rift Rumble? No, there is some more information as well.

Wrong Design For Wild Rift Competition

Design Studio, who worked on all the material for upcoming Wild Rift events also released a teaser image in which they showed a completely different logo from the one they currently have on their website. This image change was done quickly and efficiently, which could show that the wrong images with the wrong logo were uploaded by them.

Had Design Studio intended the Rift Rumble logo for a Wild Rift competition, they might not have rushed so quickly to change the logo out for the current one. The original might have just been a design made for Riot and another competition, which could be one for Project L, which will also be a huge esport in the fighting game scene.

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A New LoL Tournament in the Works

Riot is also making some huge changes to the LEC starting in 2023 to allow for more best-of-three series. So, some fans think that instead of this being the name for Project L and the competitions of the fighting game, it could just be a new tournament format similar to that of Rift Rivals.

Rift Rivals had been introduced in 2017 to add more international tournaments, but the event hasn't taken place since 2019. It could be that Riot is trying to bring back this event in 2023 as well and rebrand it as Rift Rumble. To this point everything is just speculation though. What would you think of Rift Rumble as a name for Project L?

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