E3 2021 Nintendo Direct: Live Updates & Game Announcements

e3 2021 nintendo direct presentation
Will we see a new Mario, maybe a Mario Odyssey 2? We don't know, but we bloody well hope so! (Credit: Nintendo / Universal)

It's time for the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct. Stick with us for all of this year's E3 news in a condensed and easy-access format.

The E3 2021 Nintendo Direct will begin at 9AM PT on Tuesday, June 15. We have to say that – other than maybe Take-Two – E3 2021's Nintendo Direct is going to be the most hype event! A new console, perhaps? The Nintendo Switch Pro could be featured in this year's E3 presentation, which begs the question: what about new games? Well, we could be seeing Breath of the Wild 2, or perhaps a new Super Mario game (Mario Odyssey 2?). No matter what, it's going to be awesome, and you should stick to EarlyGame for all E3 2021 Nintendo Direct live updates...

Our live updates are below, but do you want to quickly catch up on all-things E3 2021? Well, here are a couple of articles to get you started:

E3 2021 Nintendo Direct: All Live Updates

Kazuya is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch!

Nintendo started off their E3 2021 Nintendo Direct with the announcement that Kazuya is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch! It looks like we're getting a Tekken & Super Smash Bros. crossover - exciting for all you Super Smash Bros. and Tekken fans out there! Oh, and that gameplay look dope. They'll be showing off more on June 28.

Life is Strange is Coming Soon to Switch

The Nintendo Switch is getting Life is Strange: True Colors on September 10, and the Remastered Collection later this year. Life is Strange is a fantastic series, and if you haven't already checked it out, this will be perfect opportunity!

Some More Minor Announcements...

  • Guardians of the Galaxy will also be coming to Nintendo Switch.
  • Worms Rumble is coming to the Nintendo Switch.
  • Look, we won't note everything down... if you want a look at every single announcement, check out the livestream below!

Mario Party Superstars Release Date & Presentation

Mario Party Superstars looks awesome, and will have a ton of content for you party-lovers when it releases on October 29! They suggested that you pre-order the game, but as usual: wait until the reviews are out. It'll probably be fantastic, though!

New Metroid Finally Revealed: Metroid Dread!

Metroid Dread has finally been revealed, and we even got a look at some gameplay. It isn't the first-person game we were expect, but a side scrolling action game instead. Well, that's no problem! Oh, and Metroid Dread will be out on October 8! It's the first new Metroid game in many, many, many years!

Mario Golf: Super Rush is Launching Soon!

We got another presentation for the new Mario Golf game, releasing on June 25! It'll be fantastic, if you're into this kind of thing. To be honest, I'm not. If you are though: all the power to you! Woo-hoo! There will be free DLC in the future as well.

Some More Minor Announcements...

  • Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will release on July 9: This looks dope!
  • WarioWare: Get it Together is out September 10: A new Wario game is coming, it's going to be multiplayer (2-player co-op), and everything we expect from a Wario game.
  • Shin Megami Tensei V takes us to a post-apocalyptic Tokyo on November 12, and it's a Switch exclusive!
  • Danganronpa Decadence is coming to Nintendo Switch, the entire trilogy remastered for the Switch! It will be out later in 2021.
  • Tony Halk Pro Skater 1 + 2 is getting a remaster for Switch, on June 25.
  • Again, for all minor announcements, check out the livestream below...

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is coming in 2022

The new Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is coming to Nintendo Switch next year, and we couldn't be more hyped. This game looks freaking awesome, the original is one of the highlights of the Nintendo Switch's catelogue (you should definitely check it out), and we are insanely excited for its release in 2022!

A New Expansion is Coming to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

A new expansion is coming to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. The new DLC looks pretty awesome, and will be called Wave 1 - Pulse of the Ancients. It'll be gracing our screens on June18. So only three days away!

Legend of Zelda Game & Watch System Announced

You can play the Original Zelda, Zelda 2, Links Awakening, and Vermin on this Legend of Zelda Game and Watch System - it will be available on November 12! This is kind of underwhelming for the 35th Anniversary, but could be pretty neat.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Release Date

We got a first-look at awesome new gameplay of Breath of the Wild 2, and even a release date - 2022! It's confirmed, guys, we will be jumping into a new Zelda game next year, and we couldn't be more hyped! This announcement deserves an insane amount of exclamation marks: !!!!! Holy cow with a baseball bat - that gameplay! Seriously, you have to go and check out the reveal. Remember, though, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 release date is confirmed for 2022.

Check out this E3 2021 Nintendo Direct Livestream:

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