Better Than Monster Hunter? Wild Hearts Joins the Hunt

EA and Koei Tecmo are planning to release some serious Monster Hunter competition in early 2023: Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Monster Hunter like game EA
Seems to take a more Western-Mythology approach than Monster Hunter... | © Wild Hearts

I love and hate Monster Hunter: On the surface, it should be my favorite game, because from day one, I was begging for a more mature take on what makes Pokemon so great. The thing is, though... what makes Pokemon so great is not just hunting the monsters, but actually using them in battle. Monster Hunter is literally all about the hunting for parts, and that endless grind just doesn't quite grind my gears. Feel me? Now, EA and Koei Tecmo are offering up an alternative monster hunting game: Wild Hearts.

Is Wild Hearts the New Monster Hunter Competition?

Let's be real, Dauntless was fun and all, but it never stood a chance against the giant that is Monster Hunter. But a game developed by Koei Tecmo and published by EA? Money, money, moneeeeey... I think I smell Capcom shaking in their boots.

EA is planning to release Wild Hearts in the first quarter of 2023, even though all we know about it is that it's kinda like Monster Hunter. That's crazy, like... literally crazy. We have nothing apart from a teaser image and we get a release within the next 6 months? I love that. As of now, this is still a claim made by Jeff Grubb, but if he's right we should be getting a Wild Hearts trailer within the next 24 hours.

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