Far Cry 6 Expansion May Have Leaked

Far Cry 6 is a pretty lengthy game, but it seems like even more content can be added to the game according to some leakers. Let's quickly check what we know about the potential of a Far Cry 6 Expansion.

Far Cry 6
What do we know about the leaked Far Cry 6 expansion? | © Ubisoft

It seems like a new edition of Far Cry 6 has popped up online, which has also prompted some players and fans of the series to speculate whether we're also going to be getting another expansion to the already lengthy game.

A new version of the game called the "Game of the Year" edition was found online by ALumia_Italia, a Twitter account that shares Xbox store listing updates, trademarks and other content along those lines. It seems that an image for a new Far Cry 6 edition accidentally made it onto the Xbox store for a hot minute. First FIFA 23, now this? What's wrong with you Xbox?

Far Cry 6 New Season Pass, Pack and Expansion Revealed

Not only is it revealed that there could be an expansion coming to the game, but it seems like fans will be able to get even more new content, like a whole new season pass, as well as an ultimate pack of the game with this Game of the Year edition.

ALuma_Italia went on to Tweet that the expansion mentioned in the photo will be called Lost Between Worlds. Other than that we have nothing to go on if this expansion will truly come into fruition, but with this potentially being legitimate visuals for the Game of the Year Upgrade Pass, then this could be legit.

From previous releases we can guess that the season pass will consist of three DLC episodes which feature Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed as well as the "Ultimate Pack." The DLC will also include the Croc Hunter Pack, Vice Pack, and Jungle Expedition Pack.

Now whether you really believe Far Cry 6 was game of the year or not, it was a decent game, had decent sales and well, new content is always good to have. We're going to have to keep an eye on these rumours to see whether the expansion is legit or not though.