Elden Ring On Xbox Game Pass: Chances And Release Date Expectation

Elden Ring is without doubt one of the best games that have been released during the last years. The game is available on many platforms, but will Elden Ring also be on Xbox Game Pass anytime soon? Let's have a look.

Elden Ring Review
Let's check whether Elden Ring will be on Xbox Game Pass anytime soon. | ©FromSoftware

Besides directly buying a game, more and more Xbox players decide to just subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass which includes hundreds of games, old ones as well as new ones, sometimes even day-one-releases like Atomic Heart.

And since Elden Ring is around for about a year now, you might of course be curious if you can play Elden Ring via Xbox Game Pass now or anytime soon.

Is Elden Ring On Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Elden Ring is currently not available on Xbox Game Pass. But although there is currently no official information about the game becoming part of the Game Pass library, this doesn't mean that this can't change in the future.

Elden Ring was a huge success and was even awarded Game of the Year at the Game Awards, which will most likely have pushed the game's direct sales again. Direct sales usually deliver the best economic results, so buying the game will most likely remain the only option to get access to it for some time.

Will Elden Ring Be On Xbox Game Pass In The Future?

Elden Ring Shadow DLC
An Elden Ring DLC is in the works, which makes it unlikely that Elden Ring will be on Xbox Game Pass anytime soon. | © FromSoftware

In theory, Elden Ring can become part of the Game Pass library anytime, but the chances that this will happen probably aren't very high, since FromSoftware is working on the DLC Shadow of the Erdtree – and they probably will hope that this will convince even more gamers to buy the original game instead of offering a cheaper way to play it. So if Elden Ring will ever come to Game Pass, you shouldn't expect it earlier than in late 2024/early 2025.

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