Ex-CS:GO Gambling Addict Glues Himself To Slot Machine At Paris Major, Onlookers Unimpressed

In protest against CS:GORoll, one ex-addict glued himself to their IRL slot machine at the Paris major.

CS GO Gambling
This is the protestor above, and you can see the slot machine behind him. | © Sh1nCs / CS:GORoll

What's one thing that we can guarantee will be in Counter Strike 2? Expensive weapon, skins of course. And for good reason:CS:GO players spend hundreds of millions on weapon skins every month. But rather than just buy the skins directly, some players prefer to try and "win" their skins via CS:GORoll, which is basically an online casino for weapon skins.

But sadly, and as with all forms of gambling, some folks become addicted. One former-addict of CS:GORoll recently protested against the company at the recent Paris Major. You can check out a video of the incident below.

Protestor Glues Himself To CS:GORoll's IRL Slot Machine

CS:GORoll brought an actual slot machine to the Paris Major, inviting fans to try the machine and hopefully win some skins. It was at the G2 booth, who they recently partnered with.

One unknown man, who claims to have lost his house to the company (presumably through excessive gambling), glued himself to the slot machine and refused to leave. But onlookers were sadly unsupportive and booed the guy.

Here is a video of the incident:

What do you make of gambling for skins, are CS:GORoll simply offering a service customers want, or is there something predatory about the business model?

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