Why Portal 3 Hasn't Happened

It's been 12 years now since Portal 2 was released. Fans of the Portal series have been eagerly waiting for the next installment of this iconic game, and the rumor mill has been buzzing with speculation about a potential Portal 3. So what's going on at Valve that still keeps us waiting for the sequel in 2023?

The Portal series is famous for its very innovative and unique gameplay mechanics. | © Valve

Portal 2 was released in 2011 and since then, fans of the game have been eagerly waiting for a sequel. However, Valve, the developer of the game, has remained tight-lipped about whether or not they will be releasing Portal 3.

Despite this silence from Valve Corporation, there have been rumors and speculations about a possible release of Portal 3. Some fans believe that there are hints in other games developed by Valve that suggest a continuation of the story. Others point to the success and popularity of the previous games as reasons why another installment would make sense.

But until an official announcement is made by Valve Corporation, all we can do is wait and speculate on whether or not Portal 3 will ever happen.

The Elusive Release of Portal 3: Will We Ever Get to Return to Aperture Science?

For years, fans of the Portal series have been eagerly awaiting the release of Portal 3. The first two games were massive hits, blending puzzle-solving gameplay with a darkly humorous narrative set in the mysterious Aperture Science facility. But despite rumors and speculation, Valve Corporation has yet to confirm that a third installment is even in development.

Portal 2
Portal 2 is an absolute must-play: But where is Portal 3? | © Valve

One reason for this may be because Valve has shifted its focus away from creating single-player story-driven games in recent years. Instead, they've focused on multiplayer titles like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Additionally, many former employees that worked on the previous Portal games have left the company.

And furthermore, Valve's founder Gabe Newell has stated that he prefers to work on projects where there are "interesting problems to solve," which suggests that he may not see much potential for innovation in continuing the Portal storyline.

However, there have been some hints that suggest Portal 3 could still be a possibility. For example, Valve writer Erik Wolpaw returned to the company after leaving several years earlier – leading many fans to speculate that he could be working on a new entry in the series. Wolpaw leaves no doubts on his wish to develop another sequel: in an interview in 2022, he clearly stated "We've got to start Portal 3. That's my message to...whoever."

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Another clue came from an interview with Jay Pinkerton – writer at Valve – who said that he had pitched ideas for both Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 before leaving the company himself.

Despite these signs of hope though, it's important for fans not to get too excited just yet. Until there is official confirmation from Valve about Portal 3's development or release date (or even if it will ever exist), all we can do is wait patiently and continue enjoying our favorite moments from Aperture Science's past adventures until then. So for the moment, we wouldn't expect a Portal 3 release anytime soon.

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