CS:GO Players Spent $100 Milion On Cases Last Month

The Counter-Strike community spend more on cases last month than ever before, with sales of well over $100 million!

100 Million On Cases
Valve has certainly been successful lately. | © Valve/EarlyGame

The official announcement of Counter Strike 2 has generated real enthusiasm among fans. And as the shooter itself is significantly related to the community market, players began to buy and open a huge amount of cases. As a result, setting a record for case sales in the entire history of the iconic tactical shooter series.

CS:GO – $100 Million Spent On Cases

According to data from the CS:GO Case Tracker website, a total of 39.5 million cases were opened in March this year.

Unboxing csgo march
These were the cases opened last month. | © CS:GO Tracker

This is an absolutely unrivaled result. In February, players opened less than 28 million cases, in January about 21.5 million, while in December the number of opened cases did not even reach 20 million.

Consequently, that's a massive 42.5% increase from the previous month.

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With 39.5 million cases opened, and based on the average price of cases, we estimate that there were at least $100 million spend on cases by the community.

It will be interesting to see how high sales can peak when Counter Strike 2 finally comes out.

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