First Operation In Counter-Strike 2 Leaked

A Counter-Strike 2 operation seems to be coming! According to uncovered game files, Valve is working on a new twelfth operation.

Valve is spoiling us, there are already plans over the first CS2 operation! | © Valve

The release of Counter-Strike 2 may be even more interesting than we thought, as Valve is most likely preparing a lot of new stuff. The latest news is that a new operation seems to be in the works.

Operations are timed event updates that are added to Counter-Strike every few months. Operations usually include new weapon skins, maps, game modes and challenges. After purchasing a pass, players complete tasks to then unlock exclusive cosmetic items.

New Operation In Counter-Strike 2

According to Counter-Strike 2 game files, Valve possibly plans a twelfth operation for the release. This is because the files indicate, as @GabeFollower specifies, a large number of new skins, new pins or new cosmetic items called "pets."

New Skin Collections

Game files indicate that Valve is planning three new skin collections named: Counter-Strike, Pop Comic and Myth & Monsters.

Skins cs2

In the image above, we can see 43 new skins, including the M4A4 Chrome Fade or AK47 WildFire. They are beautiful, aren't they?

New Pins

Codes of the game also indicate the presence of pins created by @GemsriGregory.

This information was even referred to by Counter Strike's official Twitter profile. The word "probably" doesn't actually give us any conclusive information, but it seems like a sign from the creators, that the leaks may be true. Actually, as usual, because when have Gabe's leaks ever failed us?

New "Pets"

A new cosmetic item called "Pets" was also found in the files, suggesting skins for chickens or other pets we don't yet know may be added.

Cs2 chickens
We must admit that this is an interesting concept. | © Valve
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When Will The Operation Come Out

Despite the devs' reference to Gabe's leaks, we are still left with speculation. For one thing, the skin models shown are for weapon models still belonging to CS:GO, which means that we can expect this operation in the near future, although this is not certain.

Anyway, such a nice "opening" of a new phase in the Counter Strike world on the day of the official CS2 release in the summer would be a great idea.

Stay tuned for more details!

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