This Will Be The Last CS:GO Major Championship

Counter-Strike's official Twitter profile has announced that the upcoming CS:GO Major 2023 in Paris will be the game's last event.

Major 2023
Counter Strike 2 has ushered a new era even in the world of esport. | ©

It is certain. One of the biggest and iconic world championships in Counter Strike: Global Offensive will take place for the last time. The tournament will be held at the Accor Arena in Paris, with a whopping prize pool of $1.25 million.

After ten years of the esports event – a new era has dawned with the release of Counter Strike 2.

The Last Major in CS:GO

Counter-Strike's official Twitter profile has announced that the Major World Championship, scheduled for this May, will be the last championship we will see in the old Global Offensive version of CS.

From the above information, it appears that the first Counter-Strike 2 Major Championship will be held in March 2024, which means an unusual break between the most important events in the CS-esports world.

Such a decision by Valve seems sensible. The longer wait time must be a necessary element to eliminate any bugs related to the new version of CS that can't take place at the championship.

We can't wait for summer, when CS2 in general will be available to play. Not to mention the new Major! We are extremely curious to see how Source 2 will impact the professional esports scene.

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