CS2: Drastic Anti-Cheat Measures Revealed

In Counter Strike 2 game code, a new VAC system has been revealed. Will this mean no more fun for aim lock cheaters in ranked games?

On March 22, 2023, Valve's announcement of Counter-Strike 2 caused a lot of excitement among fans of the iconic shooter. The lucky ones are already testing the closed beta version, abd learning more and more information.

Among the various improvements Valve is expected to apply to the new version of the game, there are some exciting rumors about a new Anti-Cheat system.

New Anticheat System In CS2 – VAC LIVE

Reliable dataminer Aquarius, whose forays have been confirmed in our previous articles on Counter Strike 2, has revealed some information about Valve's refreshed version of Anti-Cheat.

The files mention a new system named as "VAC Live". One of its features will end matches as soon as a cheater is detected.

Until now, Valve Anti-Cheat has kicked cheaters out of the game without immediately ending the entire match. This usually resulted with a loss, and was a waste of time for other players. Let's be honest, it's hard to carry when you have a player missing in your team....

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This would not be the first time such a solution has been used in games. The anti-cheater system in Valorant works exactly the same way.

We're not sure if "VAC LIVE" will be implemented in the game right away after the summer release, but we can admit that this is a great initiative on Valve's part!

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