Is Fable 4 Really Being Cancelled? Devs Respond!

On a recent XNC podcast, it was claimed that Fable 4 was in development hell. But now the devs have had a chance to respond. Here's what they've got to say about the state of Fable 4.

Fable 4 delays
Where's the Guildmaster when you need him? He could sort this mess out... | © Microsoft

Fable 4 was announced with hope and excitement. This was going to be the Fable that returned to the story-telling brilliance and charm of the first game. It was going to undo the wrongs of the past (Fable 3) and stand shoulder to shoulder with the very best RPGs of the modern era.

But then nothing happened. No more news, no more leaks. Was there trouble in paradise? Were the devs on strike? How was Fable 4's development progressing? Well, according to recent rumors: not well. But now the devs have responded...

Insiders Claim Fable 4 "Scaled Down"

Fans grew concerned for Fable 4 when the hosts of XNC announced live on stream that the project was being "scaled down" due to concerns over the engine. Apparently the game was being built on the Forza engine, and it was becoming difficult for them to implement RPG mechanics.

Here's a clip from the pod:

For those who can't hear it clearly, @gazondaily says:

My own source tells me that Fable had to be scaled down because the team had touble with the engine and tried to build on Forza tech. The gameplay mechanics were elluding them and couldn't be retro-fitted into the engine.

Troubling indeed, but it makes sense they were going to have problems if they were still on the Forza engine.

How Have The Devs Responded?

Before fans grew too concerned, Amie Loake (the senior producer of Fable) reassured the world that the game was fine and the re-scoping was normal. She didn't actively deny the claims regarding the engine, but she definitely put my poor old heart at ease.

Here's what Loake said when she took to Twitter:

Followed by:

Does that put your mind at rest? Or do you think she was just trying to cover up a PR disaster? Personally I'm inclined to believe her, but maybe that's just the desperation of a fan who wants everything to be okay.

We'll update you as soon as we hear more about Fable's development. Until then, why not check this great new free-to-play we've been grinding?