Fall Guys X DOOM Crossover Is Here: First Skin Revealed (UPDATED)

Fall guys doom crossover
The gaming equivalent of mixing sugar and salt. (Credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was the multiplayer hit of 2020 and thanks to Season 3, it's set to enter into 2021 just as strong. There are a variety of cool skins for the cuddly heroes, but things are getting darker with the new DOOM crossover.

On December 15, the multiplayer hit Fall Guys started its third season and the hype train around the colorful battle royale game continues to roll unabated. Now the developers at Mediatonic have announced an unusual crossover: Fall Guys meets DOOM.

Update from January 8:

As the developers have now revealed, the three DOOM skins for Fall Guys Season 3 will already find their way into the game on January 12. For a limited time, you can get the outfits for your beans.

Fall Guys Crossover with DOOM Eternal

The brightly colored beans from Fall Guys and the dark demons from the cult series DOOM don't really go together at first glance. Not at second glance either. Nevertheless, we are getting a crossover between these vastly contrast games.

A total of three skins based on the latest installment in the DOOM series - DOOM Eternal, will be introduced to Fall Guys, one at a time. The first one of those was revealed alongside the announcement: the Tyrant.

The other two skins have not yet been revealed, but the silhouettes provide information about which DOOM characters we can expect.

The outfit on the right side is strikingly reminiscent of the nasty Cacodemon, an old acquaintance from the legendary shooter series. The middle and largest of the three Fall Guys DOOM skins should represent the DOOM Slayer himself - this was supposed to be unveiled in a live stream, but nothing came of it.

The developers have not yet revealed when exactly the DOOM outfits will find their way into the game and whether we can expect further new content as part of the crossover.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.