Fall Guys Failed To Login Error: How to fix

Now that Fall Guys has launched on Xbox and Nintendo Switch while transitioning to a free-to-play format, it seems the servers couldn't keep up with player interest.
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Everyone can enjoy Fall Guys regardless of platform I ©Mediatonic

The influx of new players trying Fall Guys out now that the game is more accessible than ever before seems to have clogged the servers, with thousands of users reporting online that they aren't able to login.

Via social media on Twitter and Reddit, players reached out to Fall Guys official channels to express their discomfort, after all, the move to a free-to-play monetization system while letting Xbox and Nintendo Switch owners join in on the fun was long-awaited by those curious to try the game that took the PlayStation community by storm during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fall Guys community manager Bee posted an official thread on the Fall Guys subreddit confirming the login problems are a widespread issue, adding that the team is slowly working on a hotfix. "We are seeing some players getting into games right now but are still investigating," they added.

Can't login to Fall Guys: How to fix

There are a couple of issues players are experiencing. The biggest of the two is the game simply Fall Guys failing to let users login, this error is followed up by a recommendation: "please check your connection."

We're going to go out on a limb and state that your internet connection is probably not the issue this time around (wouldn't hurt to double check just in case). Sadly, despite updates from the developers, they have yet to provide a solution to this particular issue.

As it stands, players trying to get into Fall Guys can only wait until Mediatonic fixes the servers.

Fall Guys gets stuck on looking for players screen

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Mediatonic is hard at work fixing connection errors I ©Mediatonic

If you managed to get into the game and are trying to start a match, you're not out of the woods just yet, as you might get stuck on the filling players phase of the process. This is very likely due to the fact that users that also managed to bypass the login error experienced some kind of issue while trying to find a match.

Fall Guys tries to fill in spots with bots, however, this does not seem to be solving the error. Our only recommendation at this time is for you to keep an eye on Fall Guys' official social media channels, like the subreddit or their Twitter account, where they are hard at work trying to communicate with players about progress made to solve the connection errors plaguing the game.

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