Leak: Far Cry 7 & Multiplayer Standalone Game In Development

The first leaks regarding Far Cry 7 and the Far Cry Multiplayer project have now emerged. Here's what we know so far about the upcoming Far Cry games.

Far Cry 7 leak
Ubisoft are crumbling, but could Far Cry 7 or Far Cry Multiplayer save them? | © Ubisoft

Despite the ongoing crisis at Ubisoft (and the sixth delay of Skull & Bones), we shouldn't forget that the publisher still has some massive IPs to lean on. But the Prince of Persia remake is still quite far away, and whatever the f*ck is going on with Assassin's Creed feels like a long-shot, so what about Far Cry? Can this beloved series win over the hearts of gamers again?

Far Cry 6 was... less than perfect, but not a disaster, and Far Cry 5 certainly had its fans, so there has to be a lot of pressure on the devs to make these new games a success. The first development leaks have emerged, and here's what we know so far about Far Cry 7 and Far Cry Multiplayer.

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Far Cry 7 & Far Cry Multiplayer Rumors Emerge

As reported by Insider Gaming, Far Cry 7 and Far Cry Multiplayer, which are being code-named project Blackbird and project Maverick respectively, will be set in the Alaskan wilderness and will focus on survival mechanics and battling nature rather than other human enemies. Insider Gaming claim to have been told this by two anonymous sources, and they were also apparently shown a screenshot of the multiplayer project.

Project Maverick, the multiplayer game, sounds a lot like an extraction shooter:

Screenshots of the game provided to Insider Gaming under the request that they don’t go public show lootable chests, extraction zones, and more.

They know almost nothing about the single-player game Far Cry 7, however. But, they did provide a tentative release window of 2025 for both games.

It seems like Far Cry is pivoting towards the extraction genre with their multiplayer game, much like Call of Duty recently did with the DMZ, and Battlefield 2042 tried with Hazard Zone. The higher-ups are evidently beginning to see more potential with the Tarkov-like model, rather than trying to break into the already-crowded Battle Royale space.

What do you think about a Far Cry extraction shooter? This franchise could be perfect for it, but they need to avoid sucker-punching their community...

Far Cry 7 might not be coming this year, but here are some amazing new games while you wait:

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