Final Fantasy 16 Story Trailer Revealed At PlayStation Showcase

Final Fantasy 16 was shown at the PlayStation Showcase in May, and it looks awesome. Here was what we saw.

Final Fantasy 16
The Final Fantasy 16 gameplay trailer can be seen below. | © Square Enix

Guys, it's happening: Final Fantasy 16 is going to be released within weeks. And as a massive Final Fantasy fan, I have to admit everything we've seen so far has been very impressive.

At the PlayStation Showcase hosted on May 24 we got a story trailer for the first time. Check out the Final Fantasy XVI story trailer below.

  • If the showcase taught us anything it's that you're going to need a PS5 going forward; PS4 support is now a thing of the past.

FFXVI At The PlayStation Showcase: Gameplay Finally Revealed

Right, enough messing around, let's watch the video:

What do you think? Worth getting excited about just yet, or do you still want to see more of this game?

For a full rundown of everything else at the show, you can find a minute-by-minute recap here. You'll be pleased to know it was a great show overall, with nothing as wacky/sh*t as this on display:

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