Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Coming To PlayStation And Switch

Two years after the Pixel remasters of the original six Final Fantasy titles were announced, they are finally coming to consoles with new updates.

Final fantasy pixel remaster
The Final Fantasy Pixel remasters are finally coming to consoles and we couldn't be more hyped | © Square Enix

Finally, the Final Fantasy Pixel remasters are making their way onto consoles. In the last two years, the original six games have been released in an updated form on PC and mobile. Many of us have been waiting since then to get the games on console as well. Our pleas have been heard, and that's not all. Square even listened to some of the biggest complaints about the original remasters.

The remasters release on April 19th for PlayStation and Switch.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters - Changes

The main upgrade is that the remasters have updated graphics. Also, some optional features have been implemented to make playing through the games a bit easier for newcomers. Those are for example XP buffs and auto-battle.

Good news, we will now be able to change between the horrible default font and a new one more in the pixel theme. This is a huge relief, because the default one is a real eyesore. Also, we can switch between the original and remastered soundtracks, which make it possible to really get the retro feel in a play through.

You can either buy them as a bundle of games for $75 or get them individually. On PlayStation, a theme and avatar is included in every game purchase between April 20 and May 2.

So what are you waiting for? Time to play through the beginning of the Final Fantasy franchise (while we wait impatiently for Final Fantasy XVI).

To see, how far RPGs have come since the early days, look at one coming out very soon:

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