Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4: New MSQ, Savage Raids And More

In live letter 76 YoshiP shed light on the new content in patch 6.4 of Final Fantasy XIV. This includes new MSQ and the next raid tier.

FFXIV liveletter 6 4
FFXIV's new patch is packed with new content to enjoy! | © Square Enix

A new major patch is on the horizon, and Final Fantasy XIV's 6.4 is promising to be packed full of new content. Between the new MSQ, trial and raid tier we're going to be busy for a while. So let's recap, what YoshiP announced during the last live letter.

Patch 6.4 "The Dark Throne" will release late in May.

MSQ And Trial

Of course, a new major patch continues the main story. From the looks of it, we might head towards the end of this story arc. Screenshots in the live letter showed Krile returning to the MSQ, which is nice to see after her longer absence.

It is time to take the fight to our new enemy Golbez in the Thirteenth and defend the source! And to do that we get a new dungeon "The Aetherfont" and a new trial "The Voidcast Dais" with its own extreme version.

Ffxiv 6 4 trial voidcast dais
Golbez looks very intimidating | © Square Enix

Raid Tier: Pandaemonium Anabaseios

What a cliffhanger we ended the last raid tier on. Somehow, Pandemonium appeared in present Sharlayan, even though we seemingly resolved the crisis by traveling to Elpis, which existed in a past thousand of years ago. What happened, and will we see our friends from the unsundered world appear here? We'll find out at the end of May.

Just like last time, we'll first get the normal version and one week later the Savage version drops for raiders to enjoy. This will conclude the raid series of Endwalker and will probably be the last raid content for this expansion in general. No new raids or Ultimates are set to come out before 7.0, so enjoy this tier to the fullest.

Side Content Including Relics And Island Sanctuary

Now let's look at all the other fun side content of the new patch. Tataru's Great Endeavor will be continued, as well as the Endwalker Relics. What shenanigans will Hildibrand drag us into?

Both the Manderville Weapons and the Splendorous Tools get the next stage of their evolution. If it follows the pattern we've had so far, you should probably start to save up for Tomestones to quickly get a new sparkling weapon of your choice.

Ffxiv 6 4 manderville
What new weapon design will this amazing smith come up with for us? | © Square Enix

It is nice to see Island Sanctuary continue to prosper as nice casual content. YoshiP and the team has taken notice as well, so we get another expansion with new ranks, visions, construction plots and even a new area to gather items in. Also, we'll be able to put furnishing all around our hideout. Essentially, this means: Prepare yourself for lots of new stuff to hit your island and plan a new look for the hideout!

Here's a quick overview of the smaller stuff in 6.4:

  • Unreal Trial: Containment Bay Z1T9
  • Duty Support for Stormblood dungeons
  • Job adjustments
  • New tomestones (of comedy)
  • PvP Series 4 & Crystalline Conflict Season 7
  • New Ocean Fishing route (Kugane)
Ffxiv bluemage

Patch 6.45: Even More Content

Of course, we have to at least quickly mention the stuff coming a bit later in 6.45! YoshiP explained a new Variant/Criterion Dungeon is on its way to us. After the success of the last on that arrived in 6.25 we'll get another one and this one is called Mount Rokkon.

To be honest, it is being overshadowed a bit by a long awaited update to FFXIV's funniest class: Blue Mage. Who saw that one coming? The level cap of our joke class will be raised to 80 and new spells will be added, including one from Shadowbringers lvl. 89 trial. We've been starved for new Blue Mage content, so thank you YoshiP!

With that we reach the end of our summary on the new live letter and have a pretty good picture of patch 6.4 "The Dark Throne". All we have to do now is prepare for our favorite content and look at all the amazing concept art of the expansion.

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