Former Titanfall, CoD & Apex Devs Working On "Epic" Shooter

A bunch of veteran FPS developers have formed a new studio called Wildlight Entertainment and are working on a AAA shooter.

Wildlight Entertainment
Wildlight Entertainment sounds extremely promising. | © Wildlight Entertainment

Exciting news for shooter fans: several developers who worked on Call of Duty, Apex Legends and Titanfall have come together to form a new studio. Wildlight Entertainment is already working on their first big-budget game, and this pedigree alone is cause for excitement.

Ex-Developers For CoD, Apex & More Working On New AAA-Shooter

Wildlight Entertainment has been founded by Dusty Welch and Jason McCord, and they have hired an absolute killer line-up of talent to develop "big, bold, original gaming universes of epic quality and scale".

Wildlight's first game will probably not release in 2023, but there are still plenty of games we're excited about this year

Most of the team has previously worked on Titanfall and Apex Legends at Respawn Entertainment, including studio head and game director Chad Grenier, who was at the company for over a decade. The studio will also feature Mohammad Alavi, a designer for the original Modern Warfare games and Titanfall, who worked on the recently canceled Apex Legends single player game.

The rest of the team spans veterans with credits for games such as God of War, Halo and Uncharted. A really impressive slate of developers, who are already hard at work on their first new title. Their first game will still be a while away, but Wildlight has been "quietly working on a new IP for some time". Definitely stay tuned for this one, it sounds really promising.

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