Hogwarts Legacy Controversy Flames Up Again Thanks To Canceled Voice Actor

Hogwarts Legacy is under fire again for featuring a voice actor who was previously canceled for accusations of domestic violence among other issues.

Hogwarts Legacy delay 2023
Another controversy for Hogwarts Legacy. | © Portkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy has been criticized and boycotted due to many issues concerning the creator of the Harry Potter universe, J.K. Rowling. Now the game has been the center of another controversy, as it features a voice actor who has been previously outed for accusations and charges of domestic violence, problematic statements about sexual assault and more.

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The voice actor in question is Greg Ellis, who is a known figure in the gaming community. Ellis has been accused of transphobia, has tweeted accusations of women lying about sexual assault, and, most prominently, had an order of protection filed against him in court by his ex-wife, because she feared he would harm her and their children.

An unpleasant and (subsequently disgraced) figure, who nevertheless was hired to play not just one, but "at least 12 characters" in Hogwarts Legacy, according to one of his Tweets.

His appearance in the game triggered the alarm bells for many people on Twitter. Ellis then received a personal 'thank you' tweet from Rowling herself, which really blew this whole affair up.

To no one's surprise, this has not gone down well among certain crowds of people, spawning several critical responses.

As you probably expected, this spawned another heated discussion on Twitter. Considering Ellis' history, it was always a baffling casting decision, especially when they clearly could have reached out to other talent. Hell, Simon Pegg is playing the headmaster!