Hogwarts Legacy: How To Change The Time Of Day

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can change the time of day, and it's not too difficult to do. An attractive aspect of the Harry Potter RPG is its inclusion of a Day/Night cycle, enabling players to traverse the castle and its environments during a bright day as well as a dark night. Here's how you can determine the time in the game.

Hogwarts legacy
Day and night changed quite simply | © Portkey Games

There could be several reasons why you may prefer a specific time of day for exploring Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings. Perhaps you enjoy basking in the sunlight, or more likely, you are searching for a Demiguise statue that can only be obtained during the night. If you find yourself in one of these scenarios, here's what you can do to change time in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Change The Time Of Day In Hogwarts Legacy

To alter the time of day in Hogwarts Legacy, all you have to do is access the game's map.

Once on the map screen, examine the bar at the bottom of the interface. If you are in a location where it is feasible to wait, for example outside of combat, a button prompt will appear, allowing you to wait.

Pressing the wait button during daytime will convert it to nighttime, while clicking it during nighttime will change it to daytime.

This feature is particularly useful for obtaining all of the moon statues in the "Man behind the Moon" side quest. Whenever you come across a Demiguise statue, you can utilize this wait functionality to switch from daytime to nighttime, allowing you to collect the statue with ease.

It's worth noting that the only area in Hogwarts Legacy where you cannot utilize the wait feature is the Room of Requirement.

However, you can change the time of day in all other areas seamlessly. Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that the time of day impacts the availability of certain collectibles.

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