Hogwarts Legacy: Demiguise Statues Guide

In Hogwarts Legacy, Demiguide statues can be found everywhere during your time exploring Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. You need the statues to unlock Alohomora upgrades. Here are all their locations for one easy collection trip.

Demiguise statue hogwarts legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Demiguide guide: These statues can be found and collected everywhere in the game. | © Portkey Games

Exploring Hogwarts Legacy is one of the key features and highly encouraged, but there are often times you are stuck in front of a door and can't open it. In those moments you need Alohomora and all its upgrades. So to make your journey a little bit easier, let me show you the location of all the Demiguise statues you need for this.

So in total there are 30 Demiguise statues hidden in the game. When you find them, you need to give them to the janitor. He will then, after a certain amount of statues, teach you the upgrades for the spell.

You can find 10 statues in Hogwarts, 9 in Hogsmeade and another 11 all around the world. Remember that to collect them, it has to be nighttime. Just go into your map and with a click of a button change the time, if it's still day time at the moment you get to your chosen statue.

Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statue Locations: Hogwarts

The Great Hall – Small Locked Room

Our first one can be found on the far right side of the Great Hall. Here is a small room that is locked. One level 1 Alohomora later and you can see the statue on a table in front of you.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise great hall
Trying to hide in plain sight | © Portkey Games

South Wing – Locked Bathroom

From the Faculty tower floo go down the stairs until you reach the first floor. Then follow the hall until you reach a locked bathroom. Here in one of the stalls, there is an extra room with the statue in it.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise locked bathroom
Witches are also allowed to enter | © Portkey Games

Library Annex – Divination Classroom

This one's pretty easy. Just travel to the Divination Classroom and on the desk of Professor Onai your Demiguise is waiting for you.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise divination classroom
Saw this one in a crystal ball | © Portkey Games

Library Annex – Storage Closet (Level 2)

Off to the floo and this time we start at the potions classroom. From here go down the spiral staircase to your left and follow the hallway until you get to a level 1 lock. After opening it, go further and you will find a level 2 lock. Finally, there is the statue with the moon you need.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise storage closet
Hiding behind riffraff | © Portkey Games

Library Annex – Restricted Section

Now this one you might have already seen in another main quest. So head to the restricted section and follow the path until you reach the narrow passage with the statue.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise restricted section
Remember this one from the main quest? | © Portkey Games

Bell Tower Wing - Hogwarts North

For this one you need to floo to the Hogwarts North Exit, turn directly around and walk back through the gate. Then turn left and walk along the wall until you see a staircase. Below it is a door to a room with a statue.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise north exit
Even beneath a staircase there's no safety from us | © Portkey Games

Bell Tower Wing – Professor Howin's Office (Level 2)

Breaking into a teacher's office sounds fun, so let's teleport to the Beasts Classroom to get to it. Then open the door to find another moon.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise professor howin office
I've always wanted to break into a professor's office | © Portkey Games

Astronomy Wing – Professor Fig's Classroom

Simply travel to Professor Fig's office, where a Demiguise is hiding in the back of the room.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Professor figs classroom
Visit your mentor and get a demiguise for free! | © Portkey Games

Astronomy Wing – Muggle Studies

Since we don't have this class, it is locked. To find it, start at the Bell Tower Courtyard, walk into the North Hall and go down a staircase into the dungeons. Keep going down until you get to a dragon statue. When you now turn right, a little bit further on the left side is a locked door to Muggle Studies.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Muggle studies
Easter Egg for veteran fans! | © Portkey Games

Astronomy Wing - Gargoyles (Level 2)

Now we're off to the Transfiguration Courtyard. From here enter the Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower. Up some small stairs, you'll find a locked door with two talking gargoyles. In here you see the last Hogwarts Demiguise Statue.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise gargoyles
Too talkative for my taste | © Portkey Games

Hogsmeade Demiguise Statues

Tomes And Scrolls

Starting in the south and working our way up, the first statue in Hogsmeade can be found in the Tomes and Scrolls shop. Behind the counter is another room, where you can find your price.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise tomes
Don't mind me walking onto your private space, shopkeeper | © Portkey Games

A House

When you leave the shop, go left twice to find a house you can enter. Upstairs on a cabinet is the second statue.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise next to tomes
Breaking into houses is my new hobby | © Portkey Games

Hog's Head

Next up is the shadiest bar in Hogsmeade, the Hog's Head. Go into a room on the right side to get another moon.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Hogs head
Not my favorite bar in town | © Portkey Games

House Next To J. Pippin's Potions (Level 2)

North of the Potion's shop is a locked house, which contains another statue upstairs.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise next to potion shop
What a nice mirror! | © Portkey Games

Three Broomsticks

For a short Butterbeer break and the next statue, we walk to the Three Broomsticks. At the very top of a long staircase is a locked room with our next moon.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise three broomsticks
One Butterbeer to go, please! | © Portkey Games

Next To The Three Broomsticks

Now we can leave the tavern again and break into the next house to steal from another bedroom upstairs.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise next to three broomsticks
It's impressive, how detailed all these interiors are. | © Portkey Games

Dervish And Banges

Go to this shop to find another statue taunting you right on the counter.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise dervish and banges
How much for the demiguise statue? | © Portkey Games

House Across From Brood And Peck

Cross the street, cast Alohomora and get the statue above the fireplace.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise across brood and peck
Snooping in other peoples houses is fun | © Portkey Games

House Behind Honeydukes

Another statue, another break in! So go around Honeydukes to find this house and get the last Hogsmeade moon.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise behind honeydukes
Now I want some candy | © Portkey Games

World Map Demiguise Statues


Let's start all the way in the north and work our way down the map. From this floo, take the path south until you find a three-story house on the right-hand side. On the top floor you will find a statue.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise pitt upon ford
I give this village the award for funniest name | © Portkey Games

Upper Hogsfield

To the north is a house with a wheel leaning against it. After unlocking it, go inside for the statue.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Upper Hogsfield
Funny round house | © Portkey Games


Literally at the floo flame is a locked house with our goal just hidden upstairs.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Aranshire
No hobbits in this shire | © Portkey Games

Lower Hogsfield

In this village find the house with a rounded roof, unlock it and after entering, the statue is behind the door.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Lower hogsfield
Who doesn't have gras growing on the roof? | © Portkey Games


In the northwest are two houses next to each other. The one on the right contains a demiguise statue to the left, when you enter.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Brocburrow
Such rough stonework | © Portkey Games


Walk a path to the west out of the village to find a house with pumpkins in its yard. Break in with Alohomora to get the moon.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Keenbridge
Greatest Landmark in the area? A bridge | © Portkey Games


In the east side of the village is a house with a clothing line coming from the roof. Inside the statue is on a windowsill to the left.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Feldcroft
Never heard of a town sounding so English. | © Portkey Games


Head to the house with a roof in the form of a triangle and Althea Twiddle standing outside of it. Behind the counter the Demiguise statue is waiting for you.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Irondale
Still sounds better than Riverdale | © Portkey Games


Walk north until the first right turn, which you follow to the first house on the left side for this statue.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Marunweem
This sounds like a wizard village | © Portkey Games


To the left of you is a locked house with another moon for your collection.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Bainburgh
What a nice iluminated entrance | © Portkey Games


In the center of the village is a large tree. From here turn northwest and enter the house next to Bella Navarro's shop. Upstairs is your last Demiguise statue and the end of your Odyssey.

Hogwarts legacy Demiguise Cragcroft
I refuse to make a joke about this name | © Portkey Games

Now, after a long journey all across Hogwarts Legacy, you've finally found all these pesky Demiguise statues. I'm sure the janitor is very proud and thankful. Deliver all the moons for your reward and explore some more of this fantastic world.

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