Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Troll Bogeys

Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy are an important ingredient which you'll need to brew certain potions and complete some assignments from your professors. Here's how you can find the gross and rare item.

Trolls Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogeys: How to get the valuable ingredient. | © Portkey Games

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll know that some gross stuff goes on in that universe. So you shouldn't be too shocked to see, that you'll need Troll Bogeys to brew some powerful potions in Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide, we will show you two methods to get your hands on some valuable Troll Bogey.

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogeys – Where To Buy The Ingredient

There are a lot of shops and items in Hogwarts Legacy, which you can spend your hard-earned gold on. Troll Bogeys are among them. You can buy the ingredient at J. Pippin's Potions in Hogsmeade, and they will cost you 100 Galleons a pop.

This is the easy way to get the item. But maybe you don't want to spend your cash on literal boogers, so you'll prefer to go another route with this. Well, you'll have to fight some trolls then.

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogeys – Find Lairs & Defeat Trolls

Trolls can be found in Troll Lairs and random locations in Hogwarts Legacy, and they're awful. They're huge, have a ton of health and their attacks hit like a ton of bricks. But you can do it. First, you'll need to find them though.

Troll Lairs are marked on the map by a cave icon. There are four locations where you can find Troll Lairs. We recommend a broom or another mount to get to these spots easier. Here are the Troll Lair loactions:

  • South Sea Bog near Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame
  • Southwest part of Hogwarts Valley
  • Near Feldcroft
  • Near Poidsear Castle in the Poidsear Coast area
Hogwarts Legacy Troll Map
Troll Lairs look like this on the World Map. | © Portkey Games

Once you've found a Troll Lair, you'll need to defend one of these big boys to loot Troll Bogey from them. And it won't be easy, especially if you aren't high level yet and don't have the best spells and talents upgraded. But don't worry: here are some tips to help you in this fight:

  • Make sure you have plenty of potions with you to raise your stats and of course to heal yourself after a hit
  • Dodge like you're in Dark Souls. Trolls have a lot of non-blockable attacks, which you'll need to dodge through or away from
  • If you have Flippendo, you can use it on the Troll's club to have it hit its face
  • If you have it unlocked, Imperio can stun a troll for a very long time.

And once you've killed the Troll, they will "drop" some Troll Bogeys. Easy!