Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium Guide: All Biomes And Upgrades

We all want more space in our Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium for more adorable creatures. So, here is how to upgrade your vivarium and add more biomes in the new Harry Potter RPG.

Hogwarts legacy vivarium
The Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy is gorgeous. Here's how you can upgrade this beauty. | © Portkey Games

One of the most amazing things in the Harry Potter universe are all the different and colorful animals that populate the fantasy world. In Hogwarts Legacy, you can see many of them in the world and take them into your Vivarium to raise them safely.

Sadly, with so many creatures available in the game, it's hard to keep them all at once. Your space is rather limited, as you are only allowed to keep four species in your Vivarium! But don't despair, because there are ways to upgrade your vivarium with new biomes, which allows you to keep more fantastic beasts. Let's show you all of them and how you can get them.

Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium: How To Unlock All Biomes

Coastal Biome

A sweet sea breeze sweeps through this biome as you walk across the sandy beach to pet your animals. While it certainly isn't exactly Hawaii, with a more stormy look and jagged rocks shooting out of the earth, the coastal biome still ends up being very charming.

Hogwarts Legacy coastal biome
Hogwarts Legacy: Doesn't this rock formation just look amazing? | © Portkey Games

After you completed the main quest "The High Keep", Deek will ask for your help in the side quest "Plight of the House Elf". After completing this, you will get access to this new location and 4 more creature species can be brought into your sanctuary.

Swamp Biome

Maybe not my ideal place to hang out, though some animals really love this dark and moist swamp. Although the swamp biome isn't only an upgrade to your vivarium, but also enables the breeding mechanic for your animals.

Hogwarts legacy swamp biome
A dark and wet swamp wasn't on my wish list | © Portkey Games

To access it first you need to finish the main quest Charles Rookwood's Trial. Afterward go to Deek once again for another side quest called "Foal of the Dead". During it, you will unlock this new swampy landscape.

Mountain Biome

Now the last biome is really beautiful with a mountain range in the distance and a special pet already waiting for you in it. Although you'll have to wait quite a bit for it, as it is found deep in the main story.

Hogwarts legacy mountain biome
This view is breathtaking | © Portkey Games

So to get the mountain biome you'll have to finish Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial in the main questline. This unlocks the side quest "Phoenix Rising", in which you'll find this new biome.

After unlocking all of them, you can have 16 different species and space for 48 animals in Hogwarts Legacy. Now that's quite a lot of magical creatures, if you ask me!

If you are just starting the game, then you might want to see all wand styles, before you decide on one:

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