Hogwarts Legacy Misses Out Record: 2nd Highest Played Single-Player Game Of All Time

Hogwarts Legacy recorded a remarkable number concurrent users on Steam, earning it the distinction of being the second highest for a single-player game on the platform.

Hogwarts Legacy delay 2023
A successful ride to the top. | © Portkey Games

If you're someone who loves playing new open-world AAA games, you're likely busy playing Hogwarts Legacy right now. And it might not surprise you to hear, that tons of other gamers are doing the same right now.

The anticipation for this game was huge, with many people counting down the days until its release weeks and months in advance. With all the hype surrounding it, it's no surprise that the player count has skyrocketed since the game's launch.

Hogwarts Legacy Almost Cracks All-Time Record

While the game is available on multiple platforms, not all of them provide data on player numbers. But, we can turn to Steam Charts for information on the current player count for Hogwarts Legacy. According to the data, the game has seen a significant surge in players since its release.

Hogwarts Legacy is also popular among console gamers, although it's not yet available on PS4 or Xbox One. The developers wanted to focus on the next-generation release first to avoid any delays. As a result, we don't have data on the player count for these platforms, but the Steam data gives us a good idea of how popular the game is overall.

Despite some reports of performance issues like frame rate stuttering and crashes on PC, Hogwarts Legacy still managed to become the second most-played single player game on Steam ever with roughly 879,000 gamers playing the game simultaneously on release day. A certain game called Cyberpunk 2077 is the only single player game which managed a higher peak.

Despite facing some technical difficulties with frame rate stuttering and crashing on PCs, Hogwarts Legacy still managed to become one of the most popular games on Steam during its first day of release, coming in second only to CS-GO.

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