Gameplay Showcase Of Hogwarts Legacy Coming Later This Week!

A Hogwarts Legacy dev has confirmed that a full gameplay showcase is coming later this week. Will Hogwarts Legacy live up to the hype?

Hogwarts legacy release date
We'll need more than expelliarmus to deal with these puppies... | © Portkey Games

We've been waiting for what feels like an age for this ambitious Hogwarts game, quietly collecting every possible piece of new information we can find. As an avid fan of Harry Potter, I'm personally invested, and I've already grown hopefully based on the smart decisions the devs have made so far; they're allowing us to use dark magic, the game is set before the Harry Potter timeline, and there will be more locations than just Hogwarts. But the real test for this studio will come when they start putting actually gameplay out there. We don't have to wait long for that, though, a full gameplay showcase is expected in early March 2022.

When Is The Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase?

According to one fan, who was then backed up in this claim by a dev, we can expect a full gameplay showcase to arrive before March 10, 2022. Here's what they had to say:

That was the fan, and here is the dev's confirmation:

The studio seem excited about this game, and proud of their work, so we're not surprised they're speaking so openly about what to expect. In the gameplay reveal, you should keep an eye out for how complex the magic system is, and how violent the enemies and combat feel. Those two elements will really tell us about what kind of game we're getting, is this going to be a virtual tour of Hogwarts or a fully-fledged RPG that just happens to be set in the HP universe?

We will update you as soon as we hear more about an exact time for the gameplay reveal.