Genshin Impact Version 3.8 Phase 2: Release Date, Banners, Events And More

The first Phase of Genshin Impact 3.8 was great, but it promises to become even better. With two beloved characters returning and many events on the radar, there sure is something for everyone.

Secret summer
We Are Already Halfway Through Version 3.8!│@HoYoverse

Phase one of Genshin Impact's 3.8 update has been a summer treat so far. We got two new skins and a huge summer as well. We also finally got a rerun of Eula, who has been shelved for a hot minute. But the time has already come for the next phase, which will be released on July 25 18:00 UTC+8 and will last until August 15th 14:59. Let's get into the details.

Genshin Impact 3.8 Banners

The next banners feature a rerun of the Hydro healer Kokomi and Anemo DPS Wanderer. Kokomi is one of if not the best healer available in the game right now and the Wanderer is famous for his ability to fly in battle, which makes him either very fun to play or a bit clunky, depends on your preferences and play style. The both of them are accompanied by Faruzan (Anemo), Rosaria (Cryo) and Yanfei (Pyro). Faruzan is a really strong support for the Wanderer, because she boosts Anemo DMG and provides some crowd control.

The weapon banner brings back the signature weapons of the two 5 stars and also the Wine and Song set, you know, the one that includes the best weapon of all time, the Bell.

Also, if you love creating art, make sure to take part in the fan art contest for both Kokomi and Wanderer, you can win some shining primogems.

  • Klee is THE cheerleader of Genshin every summer and even has gotten her own witch skin this version. If you want your own little Klee to cheer you on for your gaming setup, you should look into this.

Upcoming Events

A community post on the Hoyolab revealed everything about the Secret Summer Paradise Part 2. Here is a list of all the events:

  1. Perilous Expedition, 27th July 10:00 – 7th of August 3:59 You can gain primogems and ascension materials by completing combat challenges. AR 20 and above & complete the Archon Quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom".
  2. Shared Sight, 3rd August 10:00 – 14th August 3:59. Find and retrieve small animals with the Inscribed Mirror item and gain rewards such as primogems and ascension materials. AR 20 and above.
  3. Overflowing Mastery, 7th August 4:00 – 14th August 3:59. When fighting in Talent Level-Up Material Domains, you can get double drops up to 3 times a day.
  4. NEW Hangout Event permanently from 25th July 18:00. Fans will be able to hang out with Kaeya for a day. AR 35 and above & complete Archon Quest Chapter 3: Akt 6 "Caribert" and Kaeya's Story Quest.

Please note that the main event "Veluriyam Mirage" will still be available until the end of version 3.8.

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