Tighnari's New Voice Actor For Genshin Impact Revealed | You'll Never Guess Who It Is

After Tighnari's original voice actor Elliot Ghindi got fired from Genshin Impact due to a sexual harassment scandal, his replacement is now official. HoYoVerse just revealed Tighnari's new voice actor, and you'll never guess who it is.

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Genshin Impacts new voice actor for Tighnari is Zach Gordon | © HoYoVerse

After a big scandal suoounding Tighnari's original voice Actor Elliot Ghindi, who was alleged for sexually assaulting his fans, the role for Tighnari now got officially replaced by a new actor. HoYoverse has just revealed them, and you'll never guess who it is. But we all know him from a past role in his teenage years.

You'll find out more about what has happened with Tighnari's original voice actor here:

Genshin Impacts New Tighnari Voice Actor

Until recently, the role of Tighnari was played by voice actor Elliot Ghindi. Due to several allegations regarding sexual assault towards his fans, he was removed from the role. It was now in HoYoVerses responsibility to find a fitting replacement for the young forest watcher.

In the future, Tighnari will be played by Zachary Gordon, an actor that many of us might remember from our childhood. His biggest role was the one of Greg in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". It was a big success is 2010 and Zach Gordon has gained a lot of popularity in that role.

Besides his role as the young teenager Greg, he mostly played voice actor roles in animated movies for kids. Here are a few movies where you might know him from:

  • Greg Heffley – Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010)
  • Jason Cohen – Dead of Summer (2016)
  • Tate Wilson – Good Trouble (2019)

His experience as a voice actor, but also his down to earth, and kind-hearted character make him a perfect fit for this franchise.

Welcome on board, Zach!

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