Genshin Impact: Lyney Farming Guide

Genshin Impact's Lyney hasn't been out for long, and he is already part of the new meta. Been lucky enough to pull a Lyney for yourself? Congrats, but to unleash his full potential, you'll need to level him up. We made a small overview for the Pyro five-star unit.

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Genshin Impact: Lyney has always a trick up his sleeve │ @HoYoverse

Genshin Impact: Here is everything you need to know about how to level Lyney, including a farming route for his signature plant "Rainbow Rose". Note that this guide does not include weapon level up materials!

Genshin Impact: Lyney – Farming Overview

Like any other Genshin character, Lyney needs a variety of Talent-Level Up and Ascenion Materials, like Gemstones and Talent Books, but also general things like Mora and also Character EXP Material. You can get those at Leyline Outcrops.

Here is a general overview of which materials you could farm on which days. You can find further details on said materials further down. Flexible is everything that can be done daily: artifacts, leylines, normal bosses and character exp materials.






Lyney Bosses

Depending on what purpose the item fulfills, you'll need to farm it more or less. A rule of thumb is that you'll need a lot more items from the daily bosses than from the weeklys, who often drop just one item per fight randomly from a selection of different ones. You can find the exact amount you'll need of one item when you want to fully build Lyney.

Boss Name

Item Name & AmountType



Emperor of Fire and IronEmperor's Resolution×46Ascension MaterialFontaineDaily40
Any Pyro EnemyAgnidus Agate:
Ascension MaterialMondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, FontaineDaily40
Guardian of Apep's OasisPrimordial Greenbloom ×18Talent Level-Up MaterialSumeru Desert (Trounce Domain: The Realm of Beginnings, you might have to unlock first)Weekly30 (cost halving)

60 (normal)

Lyney Domains

Domains are, of course, a bit more tricky, since with artifacts, you need to personally figure out how you want to utilize your character. The set we recommend is generally agreed upon to be the best fit for a DPS Lyney.

Domain NameItemTypeLocationDay Of The WeekResin
Denouement of SinMarechaussee HunterArtifact


Pale Forgotten GloryEquity SetTalent Level-UpFontaineMon/Thurs/Sun20

This collectible holographic card looks just like an entrance ticket to one of Lyney's shows!

Lyney – Which Additional Items He Needs & Farming Routes

These are some additional items he needs for Level-Up:

Fatui Insignia:
Recruit's Insignia ×18
Sergeant's Insignia ×30

Lieutenant's Insignia ×36

Ascension Material

Rainbow Rose ×168Ascension MaterialDaily

How to get: Fatui Insignia

Here is a step-by-step guide on how your game can show you the location of Fatui agents, so you can farm Insignia.

  1. Go to the main menu and click on "Adventurer Handbook"
  2. Click on the "Enemies" tab
  3. Select "Elite Enemies" or "Easy" at the tab over the enemy list
  4. Almost all Fatui opponents drop Insignia, especially the ones that got introduced in early game. Examples of these include: Fatui Cicin Mage, Fatui Agent and Fatui Skirmisher
  5. Choose one opponent and click on "Navigate"

How to get: Rainbow Rose; Farming Routes

To farm Rainbow Roses in the most efficient way possible, we recommend to use farming routes. Here are a few spots you can find many roses, including the best order to collect them.

Route One: First 11 Flowers

Gensin Lyney Farming 1
This is the first farming route.│@HoYoverse

Teleport to the TP point in Beryl Region closest to Romaritime Harbor. Then run east, until you get to the house. You might have to fight off some enemies here.

Route Two: 5 More Roses

Gensin Lyney Farming 2
With this route, you can bump up your flower count to 16!│@HoYoverse

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Elynas, then turn around and run to the first location. Be careful on this route, since you'll run past many enemies, especially with the Wolves of the Rift at the end.

Route Three: Add 5 More

Gensin Lyney Farming 3
This is the route for items 17-22│@HoYoverse

Teleport yourself to this point in Beryl. Alternatively, if you are still at the location from before, you can just run there. Then run northwest to the location of the underground TP. Again, there is a small quest that can be done in a few minutes and the flowers are scattered around a house. Number 3 is hidden behind a broken wall, 2 is between the back of the house and a cliff.

Route Four: Big One!

Genshin Lyney Farming 4
You can get up to 9 flowers here.│@HoYoverse

With this route, you'll have 32 flowers at the end. Teleport to this teleport point near the Court of Fontaine. Be careful at point 6, there is a fake Mint, so if you don't to fight off a Cryo Whopperflower, try to not spam F.

Route Five: Most Amount Yet

Genshin Lyney Farming 5
Rainbow Rose: Fifth route│@HoYoverse

This route has a big circle where you can get 6 flowers! By now, you should have 47 flowers. Just teleport to the Court of Fontaine's TP points north from the one mentioned before or just go there by foot.

Route Six

Genshin Lyney Farming 6
Small but mighty one.│@HoYoverse

Teleport to the point in Marcotte Station, near the Opera Epiclese and Fountaine of Lucine. Your flower count should be at 52.

Route Seven – My Personal Favorite

Genshin Lyney Farming 7
Eight to get!│@HoYoverse

This one is very comfortable to get, and is pretty fun, since it feels like you are vandalizing a public park. Just TP to Fountain of Lucine or run down from the previous point, and then have fun stepping on some flowers.

Route Eight: Don't Fall Off The Cliff!

Genshin Lyney Farming 8
We are almost done! You should have 65 flowers by now.│ @HoYoverse

Teleport to the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi TP point at the top of the mountain. Then turn around and run straight ahead.

Route Nine: Underwater one! Well, kinda.

Genshin Lyney Farming final
The last route gives you 7 additional flowers. │ @HoYoverse

This one isn't actually underwater, but the fastes route to get there is from the marked underwater TP point. Just swim to the platform and emerge like a mermaid. At the end of this, you should have your final count of 72 flowers.

If you spend roughly 10 mins every day and run these routes down for 3 days, you should easily get more than enough flowers for Level 90!

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