German Government Leaks DLC For Upcoming Game

In Germany, people stick to the rules. Even if that leads to the government leaking a DLC.

Atlas Fallen
Rise from Dust. | © Focus Entertainment

Leaks about games are happening all the time. We all remember the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom leak not long ago and Nintendo's reaction to that or the leaks of Skull and Bones gameplay footage. Usually, these leaks originate from insiders and not from governments. Well, usually. The German Ministry of Economics was now forced to reveal the development of an upcoming game's DLC.

German Government Forced To Leak DLC Plans For Upcoming Game

The German Ministry of Economics supports the gaming industry with €70 million a year. This money is distributed between various projects, which have to apply to receive the funds. The ministry is obligated to disclose to citizens exactly which projects money is spent on – after all, it's largely taxpayers' money.

So the Ministry of Economy has published the list and on it, you can find €1.09 million for Atlas Fallen: The Wielder of Gods. Only, Atlas Fallen hasn't even been released yet, that won't happen until August 10 in 2023, but a DLC is obviously already being planned. According to the developers Deck13, its release is planned for February 2024.

Don't get confused: Atlas Fallen is not Lords of the Fallen, but both are developed by Deck13 (so it is a bit confusing). Other than that, these games are not related. In Atlas Fallen, you'll travel through a vast and timeless land to free mankind from corrupted gods.

It should have been released on May 16, 2023, but was delayed to August 10 the same year, so if you wanted to slay giant monsters with your friends, you'll have to wait a little bit longer.

Do you think, Atlas Fallen will be an unexpected success? We've had a bunch of amazing and hyped games this year already.

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