This Game Is Literally Ghost of Tsushima 2.0

Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog have another interesting title with Trek to Yomi. At first glance, this game looks very familiar. Let's take a look at what we know about the game so far.
Trek to yomi
Sidescroller with epic graphics | © Devolver Digital

For all those who still can't get enough of the Japanese flair after Ghost of Tsushima and Ghostwire: Tokyo, Trek to Yomi is kept quite classically and true to the great cinematic models in black and white and already leaves an extremely cinematic impression that exudes the flair of the old samurai films of the 60s and 70s.

The Story Of Trek to Yomi

As a young warrior, Hiroki, you have sworn to your dying master to defend his city and the people living in it from all threats. Tragic events in Trek to Yomi force you to take up your sword and slice up human enemies in this action Sidescroller. Sometimes, a head or two will roll in the process. You'll go through beautiful and terrifying settings where countless enemies await, including spearmen, archers and even creatures that, until now, were believed to be nothing more than a fairy tale. You can watch the gameplay trailer for Trek to Yomi here:

What's The Gameplay In Trek to Yomi Like?

The inspiration comes from Ghost of Tsushima, but also from old Japanese samurai movies, which flow into the gameplay perfectly. Patience and timing are the keys to success. Authenticity plays a major role, taking into account the ancient Japanese culture, religious beliefs, all the way to how the sword is hung on the wall or the kimono is tied.

  • Cinematic presentation
    Breathtaking camera angles and impressive graphics in the style of classic samurai films from Kurosawa, make Trek to Yomi a true cinematic experience.
  • Stylish combat
    Fight supernatural beings and human enemies with traditional samurai weapons.
  • Mythical Narrative Experience
    The story of Hiroki as he overthrows the forces of evil and join him on a heroic return to save an entire nation.
  • Soundtrack
    Matching the thrilling action and gritty moments is an unforgettable soundtrack that authentically recreates the time and places of feudal Japan.

What's The Trek to Yomi Release Date?

All Japan fans can celebrate because Trek to Yomi will be released in spring 2022 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC-Steam and at launch, also in Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, we don't know an exact date yet. Let's hope the developers stay true to their schedule.