God of War's Kratos Actor to Play Black Panther

Kratos black panther
Kratos and Black Panther are going to have the same voice. | © Sony/Marvel

Kratos is becoming Black Panther through the power of actor Christopher Judge. The man who voiced the protagonist of the God of War video game series has taken on the role of Black Panther in Marvel's Avengers.

Getting to play one iconic role is amazing. Playing two means you must be damn good at your job! Christopher Judge is damn good at his job, because he has been confirmed as the voice actor to give Black Panther life in the War for Wakanda DLC for the Marvel's Avengers video game.

Kratos Actor Christopher Judge to Voice Black Panther in Marvel's Avengers

Christopher Judge has been selected to play Black Panther in the War for Wakanda expansion of Marvel's Avengers. That's not a very precise phrasing actually, because Judge was chosen a while ago. He simply turned the role down in the past.

Here's how the actor explains his initial reluctance to play King T'Challa and why he eventually succumbed to the offer:

I turned it down straight away. There's many Black Panthers, but I really didn't believe that anyone should ever do T'Challa again [after Boseman]. The actual talks proceeded and, basically, I wound up doing it because my mother and my children said if I didn't do it, they would disown me.

To be quite honest, I was fearful of being compared to what Chadwick had so wonderfully done. The only way I could really wrap my head around it was to not even attempt a voice match, to let my performance stand on its own. I put all that into it and hopefully people like it.

The respect for late actor Chadwick Boseman is admirable. Even more so because we are talking about different mediums and Judge could have easily said "hey, it's a game, not a movie, deal with it", and taken the role right away.

Why he got involved in the end is hilarious though, to a point that we're lowkey happy he hesitated, so we can get this family relations jewel of a story. Don't worry Chris, you'll still have a mother and your kids after War of Wakanda. Except if they don't like your performance...

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