God of War Ragnarök Size Leaked, Twice As Big As Prequel!

God of War Ragnarök is approaching release, and a final build of the game has just been added to the PlayStation Store's database. You won't believe how big it is...

God of War size leaked
Just how big is the next God of War going to be? | © Sony

God of War Ragnarök was recently shown off at the Sony State of Play event, and it looked phenomenal. But we're getting close to release now, and we want some more concrete details about this highly-anticipated game. We've just been made aware of exactly how big the game is, and we can tell you this much at least: it's twice the size of its predecessor! Could we be looking at a much longer game, or is it simply going to be more detailed?

God of War Ragnarök Hits PlayStation Database

The PlayStation Store has a database in the backend, and they load games on to the database usually many weeks before release. This is supposed to be a private database, but this being the internet, there are sources out there monitoring the PS Database. One such source just shared the news of God of War hitting the store, and it's massive:

About God Of War Ragnarök Size :
-Sony Patched My Download Size Finder Way on March 2022 , So I can't Confirm Size
-But Yesterday God Of War Ragnarök Download Page Updated
-90.6 GB (PS4) It's Possible, Also Looks like God Of War Ragnarök

What a cryptic way of sending a Tweet. But the translation is this: a new game was added that looks like God Of War Ragnarök, and it's 90.6 GB on PS4. They can't confirm that this game is indeed GoW, but we've followed them for years, and they're almost never wrong.

Now, for context, the previous GoW was about half this size on PS4, and it still looked phenomenal. Given that this game is built on the same engine, we expect it to look about as good, but include more content (if it really is 90 GB). Could it be this big because it includes the rumored Underworld section? We don't know, but it's certainly given us food for though...

Do you have high expectations for GoW? Or do you think they'll struggle to recreate the magic of the last game? Let us down below.

Maybe it really can justify the price...