GoW Ragnarök: Sony Introduces New Game Mode

God of War Ragnarök is one of the best games of 2022 and it finally gets a new feature that everyone was waiting for.

God of War Ragnarök finally has a NG+ mode. | © Sony

God of War Ragnarök is a fantastic game. The story is exciting, the combat system is demanding, and the characters are just iconic. While going through the game once will already take quite a while, there is just so much to do, with all the collectibles, side quests etc.

A New Game Plus mode would be perfect to do so, and a ton of games nowadays already have a NG+ option at launch. GoW Ragnarök however didn't have that option.

GoW Ragnarök NG+ Finally Available

Sony just announced that they launched an update for God of War Ragnarök to introduce the New Game Plus (NG+) mode. So finally, players can continue their journey with the beefed up Kratos from their first playthrough.

But what exactly will change in NG+? Let's take a look.

When you start a New Game Plus there will be new equipment, an increased level cap, new enchantments and more. Obviously, your player level, weapons and skills will carry over from your previous playthrough, but the Sonic and Hex arrows will only be available after you reached the point in the main quest line in which they become available again.

Among the new equipment available, there is new armor and a new shield:

  • Armor of the Black Bear (Strength and Defense)
  • Spartan Armor (no Perk, no Stats, and locked at Power Level 1)
  • Ares Armor (chance to drop a Health Stone on hit)
  • Zeus Armor (greatly increases your Melee and Runic damage, while also increasing incoming damage)
  • Spartan Aspis – New Shield (significantly tighter Parry window with a more damaging reward)
GoW Ragnarök Armor appearance
The devs also remixed the armors with new color combinations. | © Sony

In NG+ Kratos as well as all enemies will get a lot tougher. Especially, some of the optional bosses will have a few new tricks up their sleeves. To keep up with the more powerful enemies, players will be able to convert their level 9 equipment into new “Plus” versions that can then be upgraded further and Skill Mod Tokens can also be further enhanced.

Especially interesting are the new enchantments. These will take a selection of perks from armor and shield rönds and allow you to equip them in your amulet. This gives players the opportunity to wear armor with different perks, while at the same time they are able to use the perks of another armor piece on their necklace. Depending on how powerful the enchantments are, they require a certain stat threshold.

The new enchantments can either be bought with Gilded Coins or earned by slaying the Berserker Souls.

The fun thing is that we also get Burdens, which are enchantments with negative effects for an even harder challenge…

That's basically all for now. Make sure to update your game before you jump back in and enjoy your second journey with Kratos.

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