Rockstar Hinting At GTA 4 Remaster?

Rockstar's official Twitter account have begun liking old GTA IV Tweets, implying that some kind of remake or remaster is on the cards...

GTA 4 Remaster
What are they up to... | © Rockstar

Maybe after the 17-year-old hacked them, Rockstar are just giving up on GTA 6? Obviously not. But it's odd that they would try and do a remaster again after their last attempt was such an abysmal failure. Perhaps they think they've learned from their mistakes, and that with GTA IV they can make a better remake? Whatever the justification, let's get to the news: in the last few hours Rockstar's Twitter account has been drawing attention to some very old Tweets...

Will Rockstar Remake GTA IV?

Rockstar's official Twitter account has started liking older Tweets from GTA IV's launch. The Tweets in question range from the release date to special editions, but all of them concern the same game. Like all things GTA, this has sent the community into a frenzy, and the most likely answer according to fans is simple: Rockstar are going to remaster or remake GTA IV.

These were the Tweets they liked:

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And even more recently, they posted this:

Unfortunately, all we can confirm right now is that there is something going on and with GTA IV. Until they actually announce something we can't confirm that it's going to be a remake, it could, for instance, simply be that they're re-imagining some of that game's iconic missions in GTA: Online. Who knows?

Whatever the case may be, it'll be hard to draw most fans attention away from the 90 gameplay videos of GTA 6 that were recently leaked.

Would you like a GTA IV remake or remaster? Or are you tired of all this recycled content?

While Rockstar might want to look backward, we know most fans are focused on the future...

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