Leak: First GTA 6 Screenshots

grand theft auto gta 6 screenshots
GTA VI could be set in Vice City, and we may even have the first screenshots! Maybe. | © PlayStation Lifestyle

The first GTA 6 screenshots may have been leaked on Reddit by a bloke with a pretty nuts story. Are these GTA 6 screenshots legit? Where did the GTA 6 screenshots come from? Let's take a look.

Holy guacamole, this is pretty nuts: some dude on Reddit has leaked what look very much like GTA 6 screenshots. The story he told seems a bit far-fetched, and honestly we are very unsure about the legitimacy of this leak, but it does look hella cool. Let's dive into these possible GTA 6 screenshots...

These aren't the only leaks we have for you - there have been a ton of possible GTA 6 leaks recently. Here are a few to keep your juices flowing...

The First GTA 6 Screenshots?

Reddit user limap8950 posted what seem like leaked GTA 6 screenshots, triggering conversation about their legitimacy. The two screenshots in question show an airplane above what looks like Vice City, and a sunset over the beach, respectively. Seriously - we're not sure if they're legit - but if they are, then these are probably very early screenshots.

Supposedly Leaked GTA 6 Images from GamingLeaksAndRumours

These GTA 6 screenshots look pretty early in development, as they are not particularly full of content, and don't have the highest graphical fidelity. They could potentially be early-development screenshots leaked by the developers. Take a look at this one: the airplane looks pretty basic, as do the graphics, and is clearly still in development.

gta 6 airplane screenshot leak
Could this be our first look at GTA 6? | © U/limap8950 via Reddit

Are The GTA 6 Screenshots Legit?

It is unknown whether these screenshots are legitimately from GTA 6, but honestly, they don't look particularly legit. The story of their discovery seems pretty nuts too, with the Reddit user providing a long-winded and bizarre story about a "respected person" he used to talk to in the GTA V Roleplaying Community...

The day before this person left the community, I remember a conversation I had with them about how this individual has been in the Video Game Industry since the Early 2000’s and “knows a lot of people and projects going on.” I remember them sending me the picture that this post is all about and they told me that, “this picture should not exist, it took a very long time to obtain this photo”

Seems a bit sus, doesn't it? Look, we can't say for sure - and we would love for these leaks to be legit - but we certainly can't give this our EarlyGame "seal of approval". These GTA 6 screenshots could be real, or could be utter fakes, and it is unlikely that we will find out the answer for a good time to come!

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