GTA Leaks: San Andreas Remake Coming & GTA VI Release Date Details

San Andreas
Please let this be true, please let this be true, please let this be true... (Credit: Rockstar)

GTA San Andreas is getting a next-gen remake. There. Still breathing? Ok, good, because this is still a leak, but it comes from the GTA community’s most reliable leaker, so… let’s go nuts.

Rumors that GTA San Andreas is getting a remake are nothing new. Now Mach1bud joined the debate, claiming that a GTA San Andreas remake is indeed coming. When, you ask?


He says.

A Remake of GTA III, GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas

San Andreas

That’s not it though: GTA San Andreas is not the only game getting the 4K polish 'soon'. No, no, no. According to Mach1bud, the whole OG trilogy is getting a facelift.

Now you might be saying “what does this Mach-whatever know anyway?” Well, for one, he is a legit leaker (ok, that sounds weird…), for another: Would it really surprise anyone if Rockstar is remaking GTA? Wouldn't it honestly be more of a surprise if they just never touch the iconic unofficial trilogy again?

In fact, Mach1bud is so certain, that he claims we will get more news on the GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas remake in the next 90 days.

But wait, we saved the best bit of leaking (hah) for last:

GTA VI: Leaker Claims 2023 GTA 6 Release Date

So a while back, there was a 4chan AMA that got taken down in which a GTA leaker leaked GTA information – you know, as GTA leakers do. The fact that the AMA got taken down is mighty suspicious – suspicious enough that we’re here to report on it.

In the leak, the leaker (yeah, this doesn’t get old) claimed GTA VI is targeting an October 2023 release date with a spring 2022 reveal. Apparently the game is set in Miami and has a smaller, yet more dense map than Red Dead Redemption 2.

Speaking of RDR 2, this leaker also claims that Red Dead Redemption 1 is getting a remake as well, and it’ll release before GTA VI.

If you want the full GTA 6 leaks, Reddit is your friend.


Alright that's a huge load of leaks (he he he), so to make digesting them (eww) a little bit easier, let’s summarize:

  • We are getting a GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas Remake

  • We are getting a Red Dead Redemption 1 Remake

  • GTA VI will be announced in spring, with a release date in October 2023

  • We will get more info in the next 90 days

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